Why Social Proof Increases Conversions and Sales

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Be honest: if you’re comparing two products online and one has a 5-star rating from a past customer, and one on a different site doesn’t have a rating system at all, which would you buy? The 5-star rated one, right? What about if it’s $5 more expensive? Probably still the rated product. 

Why do we do this? One reason: social proof. 

Psychologically, we’ll always be interested in things other people like and think are worth their attention. When we use social proof in our businesses, in reviews, testimonials, and notifications that other people are buying, we increase our conversion rates and sales numbers. 

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Here are five reasons why socialzapper marketing increases your online conversions and sales:

Social Proof Puts You Above the Competition 

Remember our first example of the two ecommerce sites, one that allowed customers to leave a review and one that didn’t? The site with the social proof plugin will always be more popular than a competitor that doesn’t use one. 

There is a huge amount of competition for any product or service online, and customers can quickly compare brands by cost, quality and customer experience in just a couple of clicks. A large number of reviews or social media mentions of customers with your product captures the attention of your prospective customers. 

It Builds Trust and Confidence 

Social proof is just that – proof that other people like working with your company or your products. Social proof is a fast track to helping new customers trust in you, before you’ve ever served them, because they can see that other people have invested their trust in you in the past and were happy they did so. That means they’ll choose you over other sites with less social proof. 

The more often you can place social proof throughout the customer journey, the better, so don’t be afraid to use more than one source. Use testimonials, positive reviews, likes, shares, notifications of purchases, and more, as it all instills confidence and trust in those who visit your website. This will encourage them to follow through from the moment they land on your site right through to completing checkout. 


Customers Trust Social Proof as Much as Personal Recommendations 

92% of prospective customers read online reviews and 80% trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. These statistics are significant and show what a mistake it can be to ignore social proof marketing techniques, especially when they are so easy and affordable to implement. 

Most people will read up to 10 reviews before making a decision, so by encouraging feedback and social proof from customers, you’re giving future customers a reason to choose you. Offering a good experience leads to positive social proof, new customers and increased loyalty, as well as high retention rates, so it’s a feedback loop worth encouraging and feeding. 


Social Proof Establishes Credibility 

There are many industries where expertise and knowledge is the main reason why someone is willing to work with you. No one wants to work with someone who is just “playing” at being in business, but doesn’t really have the know-how or the goods to deliver. While true frauds are few and far between, most people will always choose a business with social clout via socially-proven expertise or results. 

Trust signals such as badges, seals, certifications and awards can be a quick way to get this, especially in the early days of a business, when you have few reviews or testimonials to help customers feel secure in their decision. Endorsements from experts, celebrities and influencers will be very powerful in making you stand out from the crowd, so you there are opportunities to gain social proof in the early days of a new business. 

Social Proof Assures Customers Communication is Possible 

How many times have you decided not to buy from an independent or small online store because you weren’t certain that if something went wrong that they would put it right? This is one of the main reasons why PayPal became such a popular method for paying for goods and services online; people were scared their money would be taken and they would have no recourse. 

Your social proof, whether directly on your site or on your social media platforms offers your customers a way to communicate with you. This means they not only know that other people’s experiences with you went well, but that they can use these avenues to contact you in the future. 

We’ve discussed many of the different avenues you have for gaining and displaying social proof, but one of the best ways that is becoming increasingly popular is to use notifications on your site to show new visitors your social proof. This ensures they see your social proof and gives a sense of being one of many shopping on your site, whether that’s through a live visitor count or a notification each time someone purchases. 

Social Zapper helps you do all these things and more to ensure you’re maximizing the number of visitors that convert. All you need to do is install a simple pixel on your site and it will be ready to go. To find out more, click here.



Last updated on: 1 April, 2020